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TOTAL VALUE: $223.00

ONLY $99.99

What is included in the Avatar Knowledge Blueprint?

  • 7-Day Challenge Mini Course

  • Workbook

  • Templates

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The Gateway To Stand Out In A Commodity World...

  • Building Customer Relationships on a deeper level

  • Targeted Reach - understand your customers (don't sell steak to a vegan!)

  • Results Driven with the right targeting you can triple your sales

  • Successfully Communicate To Your Customers

  • Ability To Create A Product around your ideal client

  • Dial In On Your Brand and market yourself to your specific audience

  • Targeted Messaging - ensure high-quality clients

  • Solving Problems for your ideal client helps you to become authoritative

Limited Time Offer

TOTAL VALUE: $223.00

Customer Relationship #1

Build genuine relationships with your customers, give them the results they desire, solve their problems, and you might just win yourself a client for life no matter the product or service you provide down the line. You will earn loyalty.

Targeted Reach #2

Try to reach everyone and reach no-one. Too many times I hear "my product is for everyone" There is a difference between selling your product to an 18-year-old and your grandfather.

You don't want to be a waiter in a restaurant trying to sell a steak to a vegan.

Results Driven #3

We establish that knowing your customer one of the most important things in your business, if not the most important. So now you know your avatar, what is next? How do you target them effectively to get growth transformation?

Are You Still Figuring Out Who Your Dream Clients Are?


In very broad terms it is defined as a fictional person who represents your dream customer.

There is a point in any business where you stagnate. At this point, it is where you need to dive in deeper to really understand who you are serving and who you should or even better, want to serve.

Most businesses focus on generating money, and while there is nothing wrong with that because you need to create revenue. It has been proven over and over again that if you focus on your customer, their needs, wants, desires, and problems, and more, you will automatically generate more leads and when done right it will transform into triple the number of sales.

Own Your Avatar

Your avatar is not just about their demographic (gender, age, location) but is about diving in deeper to really understand your customer. Where do they hang out, do they read, or watch Netflix, do they eat out at top restaurants in the city, or prefer fish and chips on the beach. Do they have kids or prefer fury 4, 4-legged children...

Owning your avatar is about understanding your dream customer on such a deep level that when they see a Facebook post, an ad in the newspaper, an Instagram story, or video on YouTube they relate to you, feel you are in their head and they immediately want to buy from them. Because they feel understood and valued.

My name is Joy Nicholson, and for the most part of 15 years, I have been in marketing and sales.

I have also been building sales funnels and helping small businesses market their products and services to the right audience. Their DREAM customers.

Let's start today by helping you do the same today!


TOTAL VALUE: $223.00

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